Our frequently updated list of (aged) expired adult domain names – all available to register as of the last update date in the list!

  • These domains are great to use for starting an adult website that already already has traffic and links – save yourself time and money right from the start.
  • Looking to build an adult PBN (private blog network)? These domains are perfect to use but hurry these expired domains won’t stay available for long.
  • Use these domains for their existing SEO value – with an expired domain, you can leverage its existing SEO value to start ranking quicker right away.
  • Use these domains for backlinking purposes
  • 301 Redirect these domains to your main site
  • How To Utilize An Expired Adult Domain Name

Expired Adult Domain Names:

  • To search use CTRL+F (or Command+F on a Mac) to do a keyword search
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How to Evaluate an Expired Adult Domain Name

  • Look at the Backlinks and Manually Review Links
  • Manually check if Domain is Indexed in Search Engines (Google + Other Search Engines)
    • Go to Google and do a search in the following format “site:example.com” or “cache:example.com” (make sure there are no spaces in the query), if there are no search results or the search results are filled with spammy links, then there is likely issues with the domain.
  • View the Website and Domain Name’s History

What is a Dropped Domain?
A dropped domain means that it has expired – the owner hasn’t renewed the licence with their particular domain registrar.