How to Make an Adult Tube Website Using WordPress

Adult WordPress Tube Site ExampleThis comprehensive guide will walk you through the necessary steps to set up an Adult WordPress Tube Site including: niche selection, domain name registration, hosting, content, search engine Optimization and adult website legal considerations.  Tube sites are an excellent way to earn money online and an excellent choice as an adult website because they can be very SEO friendly in niche-specific ways that larger tube sites cannot accomplish.

Tutorial Difficultly Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Step 1:  Choose Your Niche/Domain

Take some time to think about the type of videos that you want in your tube site.  Yes, you can always go with a general theme, but you are more likely to find search engine success if your site is niche friendly.  When I have decided to create a new website my brainstorming sessions usual involve visiting two websites

  • tag section. On this page you will find over 2000 categories listed, reading through the list should give you a reminder of the scope of variety that this industry brings.
    1. Once the creative juices are flowing then go here to find a new domain name to register.
  • Expired Adult Domain Names. Sometimes inspiration comes from finding the perfect domain name and if that domain name already has some authority back links that sounds like a good niche/domain to use to build a new tube site.

Step 2: Choose Your Hosting Package

When it comes to hosting – bigger is not always better.  Choose a hosting package that is in line with the goals/needs of the current website project.  Depending on your online strategy it might make sense to have a hosting account that can manage all of your websites or it might be beneficial to create separate hosting accounts for each website to maintain different data centers and IP addresses.

View our most popular hosting plans here:

Step 3: Set up and provision your hosting

To utilize your hosting account, you need to do an initial set.  As part of this setup you select the domain name that you want associated with the hosting account and the location of server so that the provisioning process can begin.  Provisioning takes less than a few minutes to complete.

Step 4: Set up WordPress

Most of our hosting plans come with one-click install for WordPress but for certain plans it might be necessary to manually install WP.  Contact support if you have questions getting started with your hosting account.

Step 5: Configure Cloudflare

We recommend Cloudflare (free plan) for the speed, SSL and Privacy benefits that it offers.  If you plan on utilizing Cloudflare for SSL on your website add this plugin: before you redirect your site to HTTPS to prevent any redirect loop errors.  This plugin can be added from within your WordPress Admin Panel once you have it set up.

Step 6: Choose A Theme

WordPress has many free themes available – we created demos to give you an idea of what your tube site could look like if you use a particular WP theme on your site.

Step 7: Add Content

One of the most important steps to this whole process is the content that you add to your site and how you add it.  One of the easiest ways to add content is to utilize large tube sites like PornHub (or similar) – who encourages content sharing and even has a traffic program that will pay for sharing.  Let’s start with the basics of adding content.

Most videos on Pornhub have an embed feature to find the embed code for a particular video:

How To Get Content For Your Adult Tube Site

  1. Navigate to the video you would like to add to your site.
  2. Click the ‘Share button located below the video and title on the page.
  3. Select the ‘Embed’ option to reveal the iframe code.
  4. Increase the video size to 1200×720 pixels (or the largest size available – bigger is better).
  5. Copy and paste the Iframe code onto the page of your site that you want to display the video

How you handle step 5 will make a profound impact on the overall quality of your website.  Resist the urge to produce quantity over quality and instead take the time to customize each video on your site to get the most SEO benefit for your website.

How To SEO Optimize Your Adult Tube Site

  1. Make the video title unique and niche centric – don’t use the same title that Pornhub uses.
  2. Add a unique search engine friendly description, don’t try to sell the sexiness, instead describe the video (length, Categories. Ratings, Reviews), the actors, the scene and other unique beneficial data. Keep your data points consistent through out all of the videos you add.
  3. Create a unique featured image. Keep this step simple but don’t automate – We personally have used the windows snipping tool to create unique featured images.  Use unique niche centric naming for the image.
  4. Use a plugin to add Schema markup to your blog post – we currently use the free RankMath plugin – This will improve Google’s Understanding of your site.

Step 8: Finishing the Project.

Best Practices and Recommendations for adult WordPress Tube Sites:

  1. Mark your site as Adult using the RTA label. We have a plugin for that.
  2. A professional logo adds value to your site in many ways – I have found many sources on Fiverr to fulfill this need.
  3. Include the relevant business/Adult-legal pages such as: Contact/About, Privacy Policy, 2257 etc… – Google likes to see these pages.
  4. Be mindful of the number of ads that place on your site.