How To Use An Expired Adult Domain Name

So your planning on building an adult website, or maybe a whole network of websites – is it better to register a new domain or one that has been registered before?

An expired domain name is simply a domain name that was registered at one point in time but was not renewed. Expired domains can be advantageous compared to a newly registered domain name especially if they come with a quality link profile and some traffic.

Here are the most common ways adult webmasters use expired domains:

1. Build it out as a website
Starting with an expired domain name can give you a certain amount of trust and authority which will help in your SEO efforts. Expired domains are also recommended as a way to avoid the Google Sandbox.

2. Redirect an expired domain to another website
If you found a quality domain in your niche, the easiest way to benefit from it is to simply 301 redirect it to the site that you want to promote – this can be your main site or even an affiliate site. If you are planning to do 301 redirect an expired adult domain name, best practice is to utilize a wildcard redirect so that any sub domains that may have been utilized by the redirect domain will be included in the redirect.

3. Use it as part of a PBN (Private Blog Network)
This is an SEO technique where you build out the expired domain as an independent website and have that site link to a site that you want to improve the search engine rankings of. In order to ensure the site is seen as an independent entity it is recommended that you utilize different web hosts, google analytic accounts, email addresses, etc… so that there are no shared accounts with the PBN site and the site your wanting to promote. This is not considered a white hat method to rank a website.

How to keep your PBN site from being detected
Here are a few best practices to keep your PBN site from being detected:

  • Use unique whois info that doesn’t overlap in any area with your domain portfolio or other websites – use private registration.
  • Have only a small number of high-quality websites in your Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics, AdSense, etc.
  • Don’t use the same hosting as your main site.
  • Don’t use the same domain registrar as your main site.
  • Add high-quality original content with rich media, images, many outbound links, etc.
  • Build a brand: about page, social media profiles, strong inbound links, press, brand mentions, etc.
  • Use a quality custom site design – treat the site as if it was your main site.
  • Make sure your pages ave a contact form and a privacy policy.
  • Go easy on the affiliate links ( including AdSense)

Wondering how you can find expired adult domain names?

Check out our list of frequently updated list of aged expired adult domain names. All domains on the list are available to register as of the last updated list date.