Why Start An Adult Website?

Why Start An Adult Website? 1The number one reason that a person starts an adult website is to make money online and there is a lot of money in adult websites. Just how much are you wondering? Well, in 2015 Kassia Wosick (assistant professor of sociology at New Mexico State University) estimated that globally porn is a $97 billion dollar industry!

Need even more reasons why you should start an adult website? Check out this list of amazing adult industry facts:

  • Porn sites receive more regular traffic than Netflix, Amazon, & Twitter combined each month. (HuffPost)
  • 35% of all internet downloads are porn-related. (WebRoot)
  • At least 30% of all data transferred across the internet is porn-related. (HuffPost)
  • Porn is a global, estimated $97 billion industry, with about $12 billion of that coming from the U.S. (NBC News)  
  • Eleven pornography sites are among the world’s top 300 most popular Internet sites. The most popular such site, at number 18, outranks the likes of eBay, MSN, and Netflix. (SimilarWeb)
  • In 2016 alone, more than 4,599,000,000 hours of porn were consumed on the world’s largest porn site. (PH Analytics)

Why Start An Adult Website? 2

Resources and tutorials to set up different types of adult websites:

How To Make An Adult WordPress Tube Site

  1. Start with a domain name and then choose a hosting package
    • Choose a niche and theme your domain name, site copy and content around it.
    • Avoid general niches and try to find something that is not overly competitive
    • Expired domain names can be an excellent way to give a new website instant links and SEO presence.
  2. Install a content management system (CMS), use a website builder, or custom code your sites files
    • We recommend WordPress for most websites (Tube Sites, Membership Sites, Link Directories, TGP, Gallery Sites and more.
    • We have hosting packages that offer 1-click WordPress install and have curated a list of the top free adult WordPress Themes that can all be installed in a single click once you have WP installed.
    • WordPress is popular among adult webmasters for it’s ease of use and highly active community.
  3. Get Content
    Depending on your site and your niche, how you get your content will vary.  Update your content as often as possible but make sure you stick to quality over quantity.  If you have the luxury of self-producing more power to you, if not here are some recommended links:


    • HubTraffic – Embed content from Pornhub, YouPorn, Redtube, Xtube, KeezMovies, Spank Wire, ExtreTube, and more and get paid for the traffic you send them.
  4. (Optional) Set up CloudFlare for free SSL, free DDOS security, and other free benefits.
  5. Promote Your Site
    After Your site is up and running the next step is to drive traffic.


    • Juicy Ads – JuicyAds is an advertising marketplace for publishers to sell ads and earn money, as well as for advertisers looking to buy traffic
    • SEO – Use our Adult Website SEO Grader to determine what areas you need to work on to improve your websites SEO rankings.
    • TIP: Avoid Duplicate Content if your making a tube site!!
      • avoid duplicate content on tube sitesThis is a big mistake that we see most new adult webmasters make – they find a plugin or script  that scrapes content from a larger site like Pornhub or YouTube and then create hundreds of thin content pages on there website.  If your going to make a tube site and you want SEO as a source of traffic – make sure each video on your site has a unique title and that there is a unique description for the search engines.

How To Make An Adult WordPress Membership Site

1. Start with a domain name and then choose an adult hosting package.

  • TIP: If you plan on hosting video or streaming live video on your website – make sure to choose a hosting plan that will meet your needs.  Video is resource intensive and is not recommended for shared hosting accounts.  If you plan on hosting your video content on a CDN or 3rd party service shared hosting may be a viable option.

2. Set Up Account With Adult CC Processor

In order to accept credit cards on your site you will need some type of payment processor.  If your starting an adult membership site or other adult based website you do not want to go with Paypal or other certain payment processors that do not work with adult websites.  We recommend CCBill as a payment processor – they have been in the business for years and understand the needs of the adult industry with their high risk credit card processing services.

3. Install WordPress and additional Plugins

  • Depending on the hosting package you selected WordPress may be pre-installed, available as a 1-click install option, or may need to be manually installed.
  • Once WP is installed there are a couple of free and 1 premium plugin that is recommended:
      • WooCommerce – (free) Highly popular, eCommerce plugin for WordPress.  In addition to memberships, WooCommerce also allows you to sell adult toys, DVD’s or anything else you would like to add to your storefront in addition to subscriptions.
      • Woocommerce CC Bill Plugin – (free) The CCBill payment gateway plugin for WooCommerce allows you to easily configure and accept CCBill payments on your WooCommerce-enabled WordPress Website.

    Note: If you decide to only install the free plugins and not utilize the commercial items you would be fully set up to run your own online store that sells adult products.

    You would not have an automated subscription or membership package but you would be able to create products and receive credit card payments for those products. The products you sell can be physical or virtual.

    Find Free Adult WordPress Themes that are woocommerce friendly here.

  • Woocommerce Membership Plugin – (commercial) Allows you to create an entire membership system that’s seamlessly tied to your WooCommere store.
    • Sell or Assign Memberships
    • Strategically Grant Content Access
    • Turn Your Store into a Purchasing Club
    • Reward Members with Special Discounts
    • Automatically Show Members Their Perks
  • Woocommerce Subscription Plugin – (commercial) WooCommerce Subscriptions allows you to introduce a variety of subscriptions for physical or virtual products and services. Create membership sites, product-of-the-month clubs, weekly service subscriptions or even yearly software billing packages. Add sign-up fees, offer free trials, or set expiration periods.
    • A subscription-based model will allow you to capture more residual revenue.

(Optional) Set up CloudFlare for free SSL, free DDOS security, and other free benefits.

4. Setup main page, store pages and content areas

It feels like there is still alot to do at this point but utilizing our list of plugins as a foundation for your membership site you will find that a majority of the work is complete.

  • Here is an excellent tutorial that we found that walks you through the process of setting up the system, creating plans, managing your content and products, and adding in subscriptions.

5. Promote Website

After Your site is up and running the next step is to drive traffic

  • Juicy Ads – JuicyAds is an advertising marketplace for publishers to sell ads and earn money, as well as for advertisers looking to buy traffic
  • SEO – Use our Adult Website SEO Grader to determine what areas you need to work on to improve your websites SEO rankings.
    • TIP: Regular updating of your free content offerings will help to improve your sites SEO.  Any content that is locked for members only will have no benefit on your sites SEO.

Additional Resource:
How to Make an Adult Website – Techwalla

How to start a video sharing site like PornHub or YouTube

There are many ways to start a video sharing website, in this guide we will walk you through the setup of a video sharing website using  the Opensource Video Sharing Script ClipBucket installed on CENTOS 6 (6.5)

About Clip Bucket: Open Source and freely downloadable PHP script that will let you start your own Video Sharing website (YouTube/PornHub Clone) in a matter of minutes.ClipBucket is the fastest growing video script with the most advanced video sharing and social.

  1. Get hosting and domain name – for this type of website you will want to ensure your hosting is top notch as poor hosting infrastructure will lead to poor user experience.
    1. We recommend using a dedicated server or starting with a VPS and moving up to a dedicated server in order to run the clip bucket script.
  2. Download ClipBucket (Free)
  3. Installation, configuration, setup
      1. Clipbucket Documentation – User Guides, FAQ’s, and Community Forums
      2. Video Walkthrough – How to install ClipBucket on Centos 6

  4. A demo of what your completed site will look like: demo.clipbucket.com

How to Evaluate an Expired Adult Domain Name

Expired domains name are a fantastic way to give your new website a headstart in building an online presence – but if your considering purchasing one make sure to do your homework first as spammed domain names are abundant in most expired domain name lists.  

  • Look at the Backlinks and Manually Review Links
  • Manually check if Domain is Indexed in Search Engines (Google + Other Search Engines)
    • Go to Google and do a search in the following format “site:example.com” or “cache:example.com” (make sure there are no spaces in the query), if there are no search results or the search results are filled with spammy links, then there is likely issues with the domain.
  • View the Website and Domain Name’s History

FAQ: What is a Dropped Domain?
A dropped domain means that it has expired – the owner hasn’t renewed the licence with their particular domain registrar.

Bonus Section: Know your buyer persona

A big key to success in starting an adult website is knowing who to market it too – and while every niche is going to be different there are certain generalities that you should be looking for.  According to covenanteyes – There are higher percentages of subscriptions to porn sites in zip codes that…

  • Are more urban than rural.
  • Have experienced an increase in higher than average household income.
  • Have a great density of young people (age 15-24).
  • Have a higher proportion of people with undergraduate degrees.
  • Have higher measures of social capital (i.e. more people who donate blood, engage in volunteer activities, or participate in community projects).

Want more market insights/knowledge? Check out Pornhubs 2018 industry insights info graphics.

Your success is our success.

Instant Tube Site Adult WP Plugin

Want to add an adult tube page to your existing WordPress website the easy way?

Our free custom WP plugin allows you to add a fully loaded adult tube site anywhere you can add a WP Shortcode.

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